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October 21, 2007

Cervantino festival 2007

Today, Sunday is the last day of the 3 week long culture festival Cervantino, which has been an incredible experience!
I have been to three concerts, Baaba Maal, Orquestra Alejandro y Los Onyx and Buika, very interesting all of them, even though Baaba Maal was the best!

The festival started out pretty nicely with not too many tourists visiting our little town, but then more and more people came, it was ok in the middle of the week the first days, but then it got crowded, more and more street vendors showed up, they have a HUGE hippie market, where we have been 4 times already, and going there once more today to shop some more before they close it down.

There are performance artists everywhere, clowns, dancers, hippies, small kids showing off, and stuff to shop almost on every 2meters of the street!

Crazytimes, but what an experience..

The people that run the Quart music festival in Kristiansand could probably have a lot to learn from this place.. It must be at least 10 x bigger than the Quart festival here..

I was lucky enough to get to film this Spraypaint artist in action, hope you like it!

Nice, eh?

Other than that, the last few days have been wild! Just to get from one end of the street to the other, you have to fight your way through large crowds! Never seen anything this crowded in my life, people everywhere! I wonder how many people that come to Guanajuato during this festival, it must be 10-20.000 at least!

And there are police on every corner, just a 5 minute walk, and we counted 50+ police officers.. They seem to be doing their job, and we haven't been bothered by any suspicious ones.

Drinking in the streets is not legal in Mexico, and they uphold this pretty well.. Compared to Norway, the police here just take your drinks, pour them out and let you go with a warning.. In Norway you get a HUGE fine, and sometimes even have to go to the police station..

We saw a couple of hippies with large peace signs on their clothes getting checked by the police, probably looking for drugs, but very ironic to see these peace loving hippies getting stopped by "the man" :p

As you will see in the pictures, it was totally insane!

Some random guy that wanted to be in our photo! He was so happy because he just got one of the last cases of Cerveza from the nearest kiosk

I hope this isn't dog poop!

Lots of people!

The same guy that i filmed earlier is displaying some of his artworks
Mr.Scorpion set free!
Pirates of the Caribbean, Gold edition!
The clowns putting on a show at one of the squares..
Mr.Silversurfer.. This guy was dangerous if he touched you.. You got silver all over your clothes, and it was almost impossible to get rid off!
Walking around with their instruments.. not easy when there are so many people!
Merethe, Mark, Sofy and Pamela
Candy! (dulces in spanish)
Trying on crazy hats at the hippiemarket

More people!
My tickets from the Cervantino
My lovely chicken salad

More people, this is actually when its early, and not so many people..
A huge globe was rolling around in the streets..
Yepp.. even MORE people!
Some of the local "circus" artists showing off
Don't fall!
Heidi and Pollo giving each other weird looks! :p
My wonderful Narañada!
Merethes Pollo y champiñones, she wasn't that happy! :p

Merethe and Hallgeir :D
Here everybody started shouting PIRATO! PIRATO! PIRATO! And when they saw that I took pictures, they all charged towards me and Merethe and started shouting FOTO!FOTO!FOTO!
Merethe caught by the festivalpeople! :D
Crowd after crowd!
Police doing their job.."Is there any alcohol in this?!"

Someone got busted! The streets were wet with all the bottles the police had poured out!
Even more people!
Here they charged a clown just walking by..

To sum things up, a wonderful festival, and I wouldn't miss it for anything!