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December 24, 2007

Feliz Navidad!

I just wanted to wish all my readers a merry christmas!
I hope you will all have nice celebrations, nice presents, and happy times! :)
More updates to come soon! :)

We made the apartment feel a little more "christmassy"

We bought a piñata for christmas! :D

Aaaw.. look at the cute widdle jaguar and christmas tree! :D

Here is how we celebrated Christmas 2007
I just have to say this is one of my nicest christmasses ever! :)

Want a sip?

Hot christmasbabe!

This guy will soon face a hard stick!

Christmas at Casa Isla Mujeres! :)

We found some seashells on the beach..

Penguins in Isla Mujeres!
Nice eeeh.. Christmastree! :p