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October 30, 2007

Rotary Club gone insane!

I never thought I was going to have any trouble at school here, but this is just a ridiculous story..
Every monday at school we tell of something that has happened in the weekend or that we read about in the papers.

Our class consists of 2 Norwegians, a German, two or three Japanese (they are not there so often) , an American and a girl from Turkey.

So as we tell our different stories, and a story pops up from one of us about how the borders between Turkey and Irak has a major dispute right now, and that there are 50 000 soldiers and thousand tanks from Turkey just by the border to Irak, and that Turkey claims that they are being invaded. And that this is a silly thing to do of the Turks as they may be attacking American Allies if they decide to enter Irak.
The Turkish from class then says that this is probably just a lie from the media, and that the Turkish are so kind to it's people and "all other countries, and never wants to join the EU" etc.

We then discuss this a little while, and move on to the next story, something about how another nuclear test has taken place, and how sad this is both for other countries, the environment and so on... We carry on with class as normal, and don't think any more about the stuff..

Then the next day after the first class we see a bunch of people speaking with our teacher, the look our way a lot, and seem mad for some reason.. They speak with the teacher a long time, and when the German is passing them, they stop him ask him if he speaks Spanish, when he says yes, they start to accuse him of being a racist, and bashing Turkey, and being hatefull against the Turkish student.
He is so shocked by this that he says he doesn't want to speak with them anymore, since they are accusing him of being a racist, which I know for a fact the he isn't.

Later that day the teacher wanted to speak with both me and the German about this, and she says that 4 people from the Rotary Club in Guanajuato came to school because the Turkish student told the family she lived with about what we discussed in class.
We are guessing her version of the story was a little different, because they were threatening our teacher that they had "contacts" in the University we attend, and that they could get us thrown out of school for talking about this.

The teacher told us that whatever happened that we discuss in class, is not going to affect us in any way, and that we should not worry about this, but who the hell do those Rotary people think they are?! Are the people there so brainwashed that they can't have other opinions ?
What the hell?

Is the world really this crazy nowadays that we can't discuss subjects that happen in the world, and point out other countries differences and errors without it boiling down to people being racist?!

For me, this is just a incredible story to tell, and I was somewhat hoping that they would try to get us kicked out, just so I could have an excuse to really tell them off! This is truly incredible!

Oh well..

To hell with the Rotary Club if this is how they treat people that are not in their sacred "union"

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Ingar said...

The Norwegian Rotary guys I know are nice and do a lot of charity work, but once upon a time in Germany I saw that other side of this organization... I went to Germany on a summer course with these people, but managed to get kicked-out and sent home for being "disrespectful" of the victims for the Holocaust. About as much truth in that as for calling your friend a racist... I suggest we find other organizations to be members of.