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December 10, 2007

Our last days in Guanajuato

Our days in Guanajuato are numbered!

As I am writing this, it's our last day in Guanajuato, and we are packing our bags and trying to throw away as much as possible! It's incredible how much stuff we managed to collect in those 3,5 months we have been here..

We tried sending some of the movies we bought here with Heidi, but she got stopped in the customs in Amsterdam, and the took away about 40 movies! :( Pinche Customs!
The rest of the stuff we are dragging with us, hope we don't have to pay anything extra for overweight!

Anyway.. We are leaving with a cab around 3 at night, going to Leon, and taking the plane from there early in the morning! It's a 30-45 min car ride to Leon, then we fly to Mexico City, change planes, and then fly to Cancun! Woohoow!
As long as we get our stuff to Isla Mujeres everything will be allright, then we can send the stuff home with our friends from Norway that are visiting us this Christmas!

We had a wonderful time in Guanajuato, met tons of great people, got to travel the areas around Guanajuato, Leon, Maruata and lots more, learned some Español, concerts during Cervantino, BarFly, Cuba Mia, Los Lobos, Bar Ocho, La Kech, and ofcourse our favorite, Cafè Santo!

Thanks everybody for being friends, partying, studying, and travelling with us!

Sarah & Luis

Maggie & Erin
Maggie & Sara (freaky nails!)
Sarah (nordlendinga) & Merethe
Crazy times in Guanajuato during the Cervantino!
Decorations in Botellita
More decorations.
Drinking tequila with Erin
Oooh! I forgot to tell you guys I had a 25 pesos haircut!
That's about 12.50 NOK and around 2 USD!
Cheap stuff, he was done cutting my hair in about 5 minutes, and gave me a "choirboy" look when he was done! And to think we pay around 800 Pesos (400,- NOK /80 USD) in Norway for a haircut! It is truly insane!
Damn! I'm handsome! :P (Bob says Hi!)

Pamela & Mark
Hallgeir (El Pirato) We'll be seeing you on Isla Mujeres this xmas!

Heidi :) She will be joining on Isla Mujeres!
Chris Arenz (Shaggy)


Enrique (Kike)

Pino & Mike
Michelle & Enrique (Kike)


Margareth and Mike

Suzan & Margareth and her kids :)

I probably forgot to post a picture of YOU here, but if you feel you should be here to, send me a mail! :)

I am guessing that I am not going to be online that much when I arrive at Isla Mujeres, but we'll see what happens! :) We have a lot of things we want to do there, including diving with sharks, swimming with dolphins, go see the sea turtles, enjoy the sun, enjoy our hammock, and just relax and put our feet up!
I will be posting pictures here as soon as I have any! :)

Oh, and for christmas, money is fine! :) No need to stress with gifts, as money is the only gift I need nowadays! :p

Life's GREAT!