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February 17, 2008

Birthday in Cancùn!

Believe it or not, February 16. was my birthday!
And I am now 28 years young.. Not getting any older in any way! :D

But the thing I wanted to write to you about today is how it was celebrated! :D
Merethe surprised me with an idea of going to Cancùn and celebrate there instead of on Isla Mujeres, so we booked a hotel room at Imperial Hotel Laguna, and brought no clothes for the evening with us, just a buttload of money! :D Cancùn is pretty expensive, so we had to come prepared!

We left Isla Mujeres early, took the ferry over and then a taxi directly to the hotel.. After delivering our stuff at the hotel we went to Plaza las Americas and got some breakfast, then we found a hairstylist (a cute gay couple) got our hair nice, I even got a shave too!
Merethe cut her hair for the first time since coming to Mexico, and I think she was relieved!
After fixing the hair, I went a quick trip to the dentist and fixed a tooth, then we went shopping!
We saw lots of nice stuff, but as it normally is when you go shopping and have money to spend, it was hard finding stuff we really wanted!

I ended up buying a pair of nice shoes, pants, 2 long armed shirts, 1 short armed shirt, and some nice comfy beachpants to wear in the evenings..

Merethe bought some pretty shoes, 2 nice top's and some sexy pants and a purse matching everything! :)

When we were finally done, and after we bought a bottle of nice wine, and some snacks we went back to the hotel and started getting ready to paint the town red!

Around Nine thirty we took a taxi to Coco Bongo, and bought our Open Bar passes, stood in line and waited 20 minutes, we got in!

Coco Bongo was huuuge!
The shows started almost immediately and was very varied..

There were showgirls dancing on stage, performance artists falling from the roof, we saw Batman and Neo from "The Matrix" jump down, balloons flying everywhere, lightsticks, paper pieces, crazy lights, Marilyn Monroe, Britney Spears, all just copies ofcourse, but what a show!

Time passed so quickly, we were there around 22.00 and all of a sudden it was 03.00! Crazy times!

Mambo Number fiiiiiiive!

As you can see, lots of cool stuff happening, and LOTS of people!

This one I want for my next birthday! Pleeeeaaase? Pretty please? With a cherry on top?