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October 21, 2007

We have moved!

Numbah Six! :D

Although our old apartment was ok, we weren't that happy with it, the roof was leaking when it rained, we saw rats in the ceiling, the walls were wet because of the roof leaking, and that made patches of fungus grow in certain areas, and thats not good for anyones health! There was no door to the bathroom, and we had to use a carpet instead..
But it was furnished, and was very central so we thought it was ok..

Especially since we payed 2500 pesos (1250,- NOK) a month with water and electricity included in the rent. But then our landlord changed the deal, and we suddenly got the bill for the water.. It wasn't that much, and after some grumbling and being annoyed, we payed it.. But not more than a couple of weeks later, we got another bill, this time for the electricity.. and that was the final straw for our part.. We gave notice to the landlord that we would not pay for this as it was not part of our arrangement, and then started packing!

We called a lady we had talked to earlier about an apartment, and she fixed it for us so that the next day we had already moved! The new place is much nicer, the bathroom has
a real door, it looks clean, the internet is faster and we have an incredible view of the city.

It's not as big as the previous place, and not as much furniture, but we don't care! :D
It is a 5-10 minute walk from our old place, and we have to walk up a steep hill to get here, but it is still worth it.

I just look at the hill as my workout! Yesterday we walked up and down this hill 4 times and I have a goal to make Merethe walk all the way without having to stop for a break or complain over it! :p hehe

So we have moved up in the world, to say the least!
We pay 2700 pesos (1350,- NOK) a month here, but its worth it!

Rain protection in the old apartment after we complained about the leaky roof
(It did not help)

Inside old apartment

More of the insides of the old apartment

One of many mold/fungus spots in the old one..

Daniel the conquerer of new apartments!
Our very own fridge and micro!
Gotta get up our decorations!
Merethe happy in bed (as always..)
Not quite unpacked yet
Enjoying the view at night
Nicer, eh?
Faster internet!

Our balcony! Nice view?

More of the view!
Guanajuato as far as the eye can see!

Mark lives just across the street in the middle of this green building.
Just outside our door.
Check out the wirechaos!

3 kommentarer:

Høgskolelektor Burner said...

Congratulations with new flat! :) It looks much better than the old one of course.

How's your Spanish now by the way? Let us get some examples of that on your blog. Long time since last time now ...

You can be happy you're not in Norway now that it's getting cold ... brrrrr ...

Lots of regards to both of you ;)

Heidi said...

så når var det man ble invitert på innflytningssuppe sa dere??:P

Rune og Sophie:) said...

hej daniel det ser jo helt vildt ud med det tag..hehe de er vist nogle idioter..tihi det er godt i har fundet et sted der er fedt og med en god udsigt. Det lyder som om i har det meget bedre nu end før selvom i skal gå det længere;D En rigtig dør til toilettet er også noget man skal sætte stor pris på synes jeg...hehe godt at høre det hele gik iorden. Pas på dig selv:D