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Sunday we decided to go to Leòn and visit the Zoo there.
It's only a little hour bussride from Guanajuato, and compared to being in cold Guanajuato, Leòn is much warmer, as it's not so high in the mountains.
We met Mark and his friend Pamela there, she had a car, so we drove for 10-15 minutes and were there.! Not far from the Central de Autobus!
The entrance fee was only 30 pesos! Cheapcheap.
But we soon figured out why the price was so cheap.. It was not so much to see there other than the animals, the park looked like it was old, and most of the "entertainment" was worn out, or being fixed at the moment.
The animals were placed in very small areas, not like at home where the animals have huge areas where they can run around and have a "natural" area to live in. Here most of them were placed in small cages, and looked like they were suffering.
It was a bit sad to see, I would have preferred to pay extra in the park so the animals could have better conditions.
They have a large variety of animals, but we were mostly stoked about seeing the polar bear! As I am from Norway and still haven't seen a polar bear for real, it's kinda funny to go to Mexico to see one for the first time! :p
And we got to see two! They had one of the better areas to be in, I think.. At least compared to many of the other animals.
Some of the bears we saw looked like they were full of shit everywhere, and did not look like they were happy..
It's sad to see such a thing in 2007.. There should be some more rules about how animals are supposed to be treated in a park!

Anyways.. Here are some of the pictures we took.. :) More pictures on the facebook gallery!


Gots to get some tan! :D

Cactus.. Had to go to the zoo to find them! hehe Thought they would be everywhere in Mexico! All those movies have been lying to me!

Lazy polar bear in Mexico! :D

There was supposed to be white tigers here, but we could not find it. :( to bad! I've never seen a white one before! I think it was sleeping in the bushes somewhere...

Chilling in the sun

This was a happy chap!

Here's the other one! Maybe a female? It was smaller than the other one anyway.. :p
Black bear.. Scary! :p
Begging monkey!
Unclear picture, but this cat looked like it was really comfortable, resting his paws like that.

All in all, a ok trip, just a bit sad to see that not all the animals were treated so well..