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February 08, 2008

Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica!

Just a short post to keep you updated on what is going on in my travelling life! :)

We had a nice trip to Havana, Cuba, and were amazed over how such a large city is just falling apart! The houses there are really not in good shape, and it`s such a shame as they are (were) beautiful! Lots of poor people on the streets and very huge differences!

We had a daytrip with a guide to Viñales, and that was great too! Other than that, food was terrible, we really missed having more options on the menu..
After 10 days in Cuba, we were off to Montego Bay, Jamaica, where everything is just fantastic! HUUUGE difference in these two countries.. Huge freedom in Jamaica compared to Cuba!
We are staying at Gloriana Hotel & Spa, which has a special story behind how it was started.
We have already gone on crocodile safari up Black River, then to Y.S falls, where there were some beautiful waterfalls.. On Bob Marleys birthday, we went to Nine Mile where Bob lived, and is buried, and that was close to a religious experience! And we even met the hilariously funny tourguide from the following Youtube video! :)
Incredibly funny!

But I will not go into too many details yet, will have huge update with pictures when I come back to Mexico! :)