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August 29, 2009

What am I up to?

Living the life on Isla Mujeres, thats what!

Although the life is somewhat a little dull right now, as my girlfriend has been gone for more than 3 months now, and will return on the fourth.. That means she`ll be here soon! Good for me, eh!?

Well what do I do all the time here on Isla Mujeres you ask?
My daily routines are somewhat flimsy, but randomly I wake up 9 or 10 in the morning.. get some breakfast, take a walk along the beaches on the Carribbean side of Isla to see what new treasures there are too be found.. It`s always something new showing up, from crazy fish, half eaten by some kind of seamonster, beautiful shells, driftwood and other trinkets.. This really is an amazing place to find beautiful free stuff!

Now what I try to do during my walks is try to find out some kind of new idea for a product that I could use for my business.. I always have some kind of crazy ideas, but rarely ever make anything out of them..
I want to take it a step further, and really try to come up with something creative and brilliant that people would be interested in..

I have a few projects going already, but since I have been told to not share to much, I can`t even tell you about them..
It`s pretty frustrating to burst with ideas, but if I share them someone else might pick up the idea, and they could be the ones profiting from them.. Or I could just sit on it and it would gain nobody.. Dillemma! :p

When I`m not out and about going crazy, I have found this brilliant place for snorkelling just outside Avalon Hotel, and keep going back there.. So far I`ve seen stingrays, moray eels, thousands of fish in enourmous schools, beautiful coral fishes and much more.. Always looking for some treasure though.. You never know if there is any gold left somewhere after the pirate Mundaca that used to live here..

Speaking of which, I want a metal detector! I really think I could find some valuables on this island paradise!
So the next posts here will, if I`m lucky enough be about my new detector and what I discover! :)

Other than that, I am as always, my geeky self.. I love spending time in front of my computer, and get a lot of hassle for doing it.. But right now my only contact with my friends and family back in Norway is through the net, and as Isla can be very quiet sometimes it`s always good to hear news..

Oh.. And did I tell you I have an art gallery here now? Oh yeah..

The bartending school did unfortunately not fall through at the moment, but we found inspiration through my creative and artistic mother helping us out to set up our gallery!
It`s going well and we are now proud owners of our very own art gallery on Isla Mujeres!

If you are ever on this island paradise, please come check us out, we have a wide collection of art from around the world!
It`s called La Noruega Art Gallery and our website can be found on

Curious about something else? Ask some quiestions, I don`t think there are that many actually following my updates, would be cool to get some feedback once in a while..

Salud mis amigos!